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Noah's ARC

Noah's Animal Rescue Center shares the love of God through animal rescue, rehabilitation and community education programs.

Purpose & Vision.

Noah’s Animal Rescue Center exists to share & demonstrate the love of God to His Creation. We love & care for the animals to protect them as we are called, but we also care for the animals to share them with God’s people: to reach people and heal people!

"A righteous man cares for the need of his animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Proverbs 12:10

 While are dedicated to caring for the needs of the animals, we have learned that we (humans) also benefit tremendously from spending time with our animals on the farm!

Our founder, Jessica Marks, started Noah’s ARC out of a devout love for animals. Her own connection with horses, and witnessing the power of an animal companion drove her to create a space in the community that fights for & preserves the life of God’s diverse & beautiful creation.

We are run only by volunteers, who are vital to our organization! Noah's ARC relies on volunteers for everyday needs such as caring for the animals, and spending time with them!


Meet the faces behind the scenes at Noah's ARC

Are you drawn to animals like our founder, Jessica?

Learn how you can Get Involved at Noah's ARC!


At the Sanctuary we care for animals by demonstrating God's love for them through animal rescue, rehabilitation, TNR and long-term care. We don’t care for animals because we believe they are helpless, we care for them, because they are God’s creation! 

In addition to caring for animals, we have two Educational Programs: Community Presentations and a High school Work Program.


These programs educate our community members on the importance of proper animal care and give them action steps when they encounter stray or abandoned animals in the community. 


Join us in caring for animals that are in need of a loving home & safe place to live by donating today!


Learn more about our Programs!


The sanctuary is a safe place for animals to live while we rehabilitate them and prepare them for adoption by their forever family. Each animal has a unique story & special medical needs that we address while they are at the farm. Currently, we have 9 Sanctuary Residents available for sponsorship and 2 animals available for adoption.

Meet our Sanctuary Residents, Adoptable animals and Alumni Animals living in their forever homes!


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