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Our Volunteers and Board of Directors are vital in supporting and promoting Noah’s ARC’s mission of loving God’s creation.

Meet the faces behind the scenes at Noah’s ARC!


Jessica Marks


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It was no surprise that Jessica founded Noah’s ARC considering she has spent her entire life caring for animals & sharing that love with others!

Jessica grew up in 4H horse programs, started giving riding lessons to younger kids at only 14 years old & has taught riding programs at several camps for 15+ years! Currently, Jessica partners with the Explorer Girls summer camp.


Jessica holds a BA from Adelphi University & took Graduate level classes at Loyola University (MD). When Jessica isn’t out on the farm, she owns & operates an Insurance Brokers, “Faith Financial,” (which largely supports Noah’s ARC!), or she is teaching children's programs at United Church of Delaware.

Sarah Hoover

Animal Care Manager

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Sarah started volunteering at Noah’s A.R.C. in March of 2019 and became an intern that May. She learned how to administer medication and give injections to various species of animals, as well as do proper grooming. She has learned how to care for and has fostered special needs animals. Additionally, she has fundraised, trained volunteers, made phone calls, and helped with office work. 


Outside of Noah’s ARC, Sarah serves her church by setting up and tearing down (every week since 2009!) and helps in the nursery and other children’s programs. Sarah is also an alumni of 4-H where she held officer positions, was a leader for various projects & community outreach activities in addition to presenting and demonstration speeches! 


Sarah is currently pursuing a degree in marketing and sales through Colorado Christian University's online program. 

Aaron Marks

Head Volunteer

Aaron and Indi.jpg

Aaron is the designated 24/7 volunteer, considering he lives on the farm! As the #1 supporter of Noah’s ARC, he has earned the designation of Head Volunteer, as he continues to support the Sanctuary in a variety of ways. Currently, Aaron runs Noah's ARC Rumble channel. 


When Aaron isn’t completing tasks or caring for the animals on the farm he is Co-operating Faith Financial Insurance Services alongside Jessica & working as Partner & Safety Team Lead at United Church of Delaware.


Previously, Aaron was in law enforcement in Louden County, VA & Talbot County, MD.

Mike Staffieri

Board Member

Mike board pic.jpg

Mike has been a volunteer at Noah’s ARC for the past few years, and prior to joining the Board he volunteered at offsite outreach & fundraising events.


Now, as a member of the board, he continues to serve during weekly volunteer hours, and any opportunity to share Noah’s ARC’s mission with others!


Mike and his family are locals and when he isn’t at the farm, he is an avid runner & bicyclist, having completed many rides & races!


Mike’s philanthropy doesn’t stop at the farm - he also supports his wife’s love of fostering kittens!

Karen Marks

Board Member

Karen Marks.jpg

Karen Marks is retired from nursing but channels her compassion and care into managing a colony of community cats at their home, in Palatine, IL. This “Crazy Cat Lady” spent her first Social Security check, in community service, to TNR nine of these neighborhood felines and curb the annual population growth. 

Finding joy and vitality in being the  grandmother of four amazing grandchildren she is also, Cat Momma to Sully and Sebastian (rescued as kittens from the feral community). Additionally, she enjoys being grandmother to all her “Granimals “, at Noah’s ARC. (She equally loves being wife to Mike and mother of their three adult children and their spouses.) 


Believing that God has given us responsibility to be good stewards and caretakers of His creation, Karen enjoys serving Him through the mission of Noah’s ARC.

Rebecca Toy

Board Member

Becca Toy.jpg

Becca is a founding board member at Noah’s ARC and has worked with kids and horses for 10+ years!


She and her husband, Ethan, have taken to the world of animal rescue by accumulating their own herd of rescue animals at their home in Virginia!

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