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We want to make communities safe & enjoyable for everyone: humans & animals alike!


We focus on four main programs at Noah's ARC: Education, Trap/Neuter/Return, Rescue/Rehab/Long-term care & training Therapy animals. 

As a non-profit, our programs are funded solely by donations. We are currently looking for monthly donors & sponsors for our Sanctuary Residents. Meet the Animals at Noah's ARC!


Our programs seek to demonstrate the love of God to the animals, educate our community about the benefits of proper care in addition to providing a therapeutic environment for our volunteers while they care for the animals. Explore the programs below in more detail!

Become a Monthly Sponsor for our Programs


Our education programs include Community Presentations & our High School Work Program. Educating the community creates a partnership between us, and the residents of communities we are assisting. 


At community presentations we focus on educating the community about proper animal care, TNR, and the difference between service and therapy animals. 


Contact us to schedule a community presentation


Our high school work/volunteer program gives participants an unique experience on the farm: learning how to care for animals & the details of running an animal sanctuary. The best part, is that they are able to use their time on the farm to meet graduation work or volunteer credits!

Interested in participating? Talk to your high school counselor for more information!


We work with a colony caregiver to Trap, Neuter (or spay) and Return feral cats. This process includes trapping the feral cats, neutering or spaying them, vaccinating them and then keeping them on-site to care for them as they recover from surgery before returning them to their colony. 


The purpose of TNR is to keep the stray cat population healthy and minimize overcrowding.  

Contact Us to assist with a cat colony in your community!

Rescue, Rehab & Long-term Care

We rescue or take-in animals that would otherwise be on a kill list at a local shelter, or whose owners are unable to care for them due to their unique medical conditions. The animals will come live at the Sanctuary where we care for physical & medical needs, love them, and create bonds with them while they live out the rest of their lives on the farm. Contact Us if you know of an animal in need!


Some animals come to the farm for a short time while we rehabilitate them, or care for them until they are adopted by their forever family! While others, live the rest of their life out on the farm!

Meet our Adoptable Animals & Sanctuary Residents!


We are passionate about training visiting therapy dogs for the purpose of bringing joy and peace to those that need a companion!

Currently, we have 4 certified dogs at Noah's ARC who are qualified to visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools & special events to visit with people. 

We also have volunteers that come to the farm to spend time with the animals, as a form of therapy.





Meet our Visiting Therapy Dogs


"Noah's ARC opened my eyes to a variety of experiences. I received the opportunity to work with many different animals, gain lots of new friends, and expand my knowledge & love for animal care. I will forever appreciate all Noah's ARC has done for me."


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